Getting Started

Learn how to get started with the Pipe Video and Audio Recorder plugin for For documentation on the Pipe recorder itself, please visit

Install the plugin and set plugin properties

Add the plugin to your Bubble application.

Create a Pipe Account

Head over to and create a new account if you don’t already have one. Otherwise, login to carry out the remaining steps.

As of the time of writing this guide, Pipe offers a 14-day trial that supports SD video only.

Disclosure: The link above includes a referral code. If you sign-up for a paid account using the code then I, the plugin author, get some Pipe credits.

Set Plugin Properties

Grab your Account Hash and API key from your Pipe account page and paste them into the plugin’s Account Hash and API key properties in Bubble.

Copy the values from your Pipe account
Paste values to corresponding fields in Bubble

Set the mobile recording clients

IMPORTANT: Go to and:

  1. Check that the Desktop Recording Clients checkbox is ticked as shown below.

  2. Tick the checkboxbox to use the 2nd gen HTML 5 recorder on Android.

  3. Remember to Save.

Add a plugin element to a page

Add an instance of the plugin’s ‘Pipe Recorder’ element to a page in your app. Set the properties of the plugin as needed. See the “Element Properties” section below for a description of each property.